Bridal Lingerie

Bridal Lingerie

Every bride wants to look fit and fabulous on their wedding day. It is not all about the dress, you know.

Part of the credit has to go to what is supporting you! Choosing the right lingerie that is beautiful, supportive, and comfortable is exceptionally important on your big day!

First and foremost is the most obvious item: choose what fits you best!

Being sure to select a bra that offers both support and comfort is important. After you have managed to find that, check out the styles. Comfortable bras come in a wide variety of styles, and picking one that is suitable for both, during and after the wedding is important. Try sticking to brand names you know and trust.
If your dress has a low or wide cut neckline, it is best to choose a strapless bra. If you are a full-figured or busty woman, be sure to choose a bra with underwire support.

To Remove any curves you may find yourself wishing you did not have, there are options!

Lycra or spandex slimmer undergarments are the modern version of a corset and will keep you looking slim and trim. Be sure that it is comfortable enough for you to wear for extensive periods of time. Most importantly, take any undergarments with you to dress fittings so you can get the perfect fit for your big day!
For your panties, be sure they are comfortable and sexy. Wearing them in combination with pantyhose is a great choice if you want to look even slimmer. In line with this, be sure to choose a sexy garter belt if you are daring enough. When you do choose one, be sure that no lines show and it will not snap during movement or dancing.
Do not stick to one set of lingerie once you have seen it. Try on a myriad of different styles under your dress. Your bra should remain comfortable and stay in place all the time, and your panties shouldn’t bother you! Once you have chosen the set, put the entire outfit on and move around like crazy. If you are comfortable, stay in place, and find yourself giddy with delight you have found your set for the big day!

Don’t forget the HONEYMOON!

It should be fun picking out your trousseau.  Pick comfortable pieces that accentuate your best features and ones that show off your feature your new husband really likes.  Let us at Chrysalis Intimates assist you in choosing your Honeymoon Lingerie.
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